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Stir-fried chicken with fresh ginger and onion

1. 1/4 lbs of chicken – sliced about 1 inch in length
2. 3 – 5 cloves of garlic – minced
3. 3 tablespoons of fresh ginger – thinly sliced
4. (optional) 1/4 cub of fresh mushroom or fresh black fungus – sliced
5. 1/4 cup of red bellpepper – sliced
6. 1/4 cup of onion – sliced
7. 2 green onion – cut into pieces about 1 inch in length
8. 1 tablespoon of sugar
9. 1 tablespoon of fish sauce
10. 1 tablespoon of thin soy sauce
11. 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce
12. 2 tablespoons of cooking oil

1. Heat cooking oil in a pan, set at high heat.
2. Add garlic into the pan, stir until lightly brown.
3. Add about 1 tablespoon of sliced fresh ginger into the pan and stir well.
4. Add chicken and stir until cooked.
5. Add sugar, fish sauce, thin soy sauce, and oyster sauce, stir well to combine the flavors.
6. Add sliced onion, mushroom (or black fungus), and the rest of sliced fresh ginger, stir well until the onion is cooked.
7. Add bellpepper and green onion, stir to combine well for about one minute.
8. Turn off heat and transfer to a serving plate.
9. Serve with cooked jasmine rice and enjoy!!!

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