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Mai Thai - Menu


Welcome to Mai Thai where serving the tastiest food made from the highest quality ingredients is our thing!

Your hunger pangs will be a thing of the past once you order some of our delicious dishes.

Our loyal delivery drivers will bring your takeaway to you as quickly as possible!

For a wider variety check out our more-detailed menu by clicking here.


Our Most Popular Dishes
1. Chicken satay
£ 3.95
Marinated chicken breast with turmeric, mixed...
2. Tod mun pla
£ 3.95
Thai fish cake
3. Salt and pepper calamari
£ 3.95
Salt and pepper squid
4. Vegetable tempura
£ 2.50
Deep fried mixed vegetables in batter
5. Fried chicken wings
£ 3.95
Fried marinated chicken wings in herbs and sp...
6. Bangkok chicken
£ 3.95
Marinade of garlic, tamarind, basil and coria...
7. Crispy chilli beef
£ 3.95
Thinly sliced beef in light crisp batter with...
8. Mushroom tom yum soup
£ 3.95
Hot and sour flavoured with chillies, lemon g...
9. Yum nua salad
£ 7.95
Beef salad
10. Larb gai salad
£ 5.95
Chicken salad

Mai Thai

77 Lincoln Road Peterborough

PE1 2SH Peterborough

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